short : Uninstaller using Installer logfile author : Dimitris Panokostas uploader : midwan gmail com type : util/wb version : 1.2 requires : RexxSupport.library, RexxReqTools.library architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 21.00K Date : 27-Feb-18 Download : 💾
A note from the future (2018): Since for some reason I saw that this last version wasn't on Aminet, I'm uploading it again after all these years, for archival purposes mostly. The version was last updated back in the distant 1997... Original readme from that time follows... --- This small ARexx script will delete all files which where previously installed using the standard Installer, by using it's logfile. FEATURES: ---------- * It gives you the option to delete them one-by-one, or all of them in one go. * It also deletes drawers, along with their icons, if they exist. * It asks the user before each action is taken, so you can skip deleting files you want to keep, such as shared libraries, fonts, or whatever. Usefull if you've installed software you don't need anymore, and don't want to go deleting it's files manually... Changes from v1.1 ------------------- Fixed another minor bug in the string parsing... Added German, Danish and Swedish translations. Replaced the icons with some from the NewIcons v4 pack (get it now! It rulez) Changes from v1.0 ------------------- Fixed a bug in the string parsing. Added Italian translation. Requirements: -------------- Any Amiga with ARexx! - RexxSupport.library - RexxReqTools.library Usage: ---------- There's a different version supplied for each language. Just copy the version you need, according to your Workbench's language setting, anywhere you want. Keep the 3 files (eg. UnInstallerEN,, UnInstaller.rexx) together. Just try out the script, it's really easy to see what's going on, and it asks before any action, so you're safe as long as you're carefull of what you gadget you click on. A proper documentation will be included in the next release, along with some major improvements... :) Stay tuned! :) If you'd like to see a version of UnInstaller for your language, please contact me, I'd be glad to do it.
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