short : RIFF-WAVE (.wav) sound datatype author : Fredrik Wikstrom uploader : Fredrik Wikstrom type : util/dtype version : 50.3 replaces : util/dtype/wave_dt.lha architecture : ppc-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 135.21K Date : 22-Nov-07 Download : 💾
Installation: 1. copy the file WAVE to DEVS:DataTypes/. 2. copy wave.datatype to SYS:Classes/DataTypes/. Supported encodings: - PCM (uncompressed) - IMA ADPCM (16->3 & 16->4) - MS ADPCM (16->4) - A-Law/u-Law (16->8) - IEEE Float (32 & 64-bit) - GSM610 (mono only) - G.721 (4-bit, untested) - G.723 (2, 3 & 5-bit, untested) Alternatively, if you have the OS4 SDK installed, you can just type "make install" and both files will be installed to their correct places. Bugs: None known. Compiling: To compile just type "make". To compile without GSM610 and G.72X support use "make GSM=0 G72X=0". In order to be able to recreate the descriptor (from WAVE.dt) file you will need to have the MakeDT.rexx arexx script installed in REXX: (can be downloaded from Aminet). The rest will be handled by the Makefile. Changes: 50.3 (20-Nov-2007) - Increased optimisation and some code cleanup - Improved the decoder system somewhat - Added 2-bit g723 support to the g72x decoder (no idea if this works or not) - Also removed some g72x code that wasn't being used (encoders and some alaw/ ulaw stuff) See the Changelog file in the archive for a complete list of changes.
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