short : akSGX-dt (SGX), 68000-060) author : Andreas R. Kleinert uploader : info ar-kleinert de type : util/dtype version : 45.92 architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 235.22K Date : 7-Apr-09 Download : 💾
(68000/020/030/040/060 versions inside) akSGX.datatype - DONATION WARE - © 1995-2009 by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kleinert. All rights reserved. Needs Kickstart V3.1 (NOT 3.0) & SetPatch 43.x & Pic-Dt 43.x Program information ------------------- This datatype supports reading of SGX Graphics Files, which is SView-Library's (deprecated) own 8/24/48 bit graphics file format with LZ77 compression support. Alpha channel (32/64 bit) is supported in V43 mode. The internal precision of the file format allows for 8 and 16 bit per channel (24/48 bits per pixel) - currently this is always scaled down to 8 bit prior to datatype export. SGX means "SView Graphics". SGX was the predecessor of IFF-RGFX. Older verions were named "SVG" and did support XPK (both changed). It is a very fast, smart and amiga-based alternative to other non-lossy 8/24/48 Bit file formats (surely IFF-RGFX is even smarter). Includes: - Conversion tool "AnyToSGX" for conversion DT->SGX (with V43 support for 24 Bit conversion) WARNING: if the pic-dt of your OS version does not support alpha channel handling, then always set STRIPALPHA=ON (no ARGB/RGBA) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- You should use the included preferences program for best configuration. See program archive for copyright and distribution information. ************************************************************************** V45.92 (5.4.2009): - added support for new SGX sub-type (LZ77) - removed spec (separate archive) - fixed some bugs (also in AnyToSGX) - AnyToSGX now only writes SGX sub-type V45.91 (18.3.2008): - fixed possible blitter race condition in Any2SVG (when handling DT images with depths <= 8 bit) **************************************************************************
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