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TITLE KoalaDT - Commodore 64 Koala painter datatype VERSION 43.2 AUTHOR Written (or rather composed) by Lars Malmborg ( The datatype is based on the example by Andreas R. Kleinert. (Aminet:dev/c/C_V43-DT.lha) The recognition is made with a program by Michal Letowski. (Aminet:dev/misc/MakeDT-1.2.lha) The rendition is based on code by Pasi 'Albert' Ojala. (Aminet:gfx/conv/C64Gfx12.lha) DESCRIPTION KoalaDT is simply a datatype for the AmigaOS 3.x with which one can display pictures from Commodore 64 in Koala painter format. A problem is that the images contains no proper header. The matching is done with the length of the file (10003 bytes), and a the first two bytes (load address for Commodore 64) beeing $00, $60. (If you have pictures you know are in Koala painter format but aren't recognised, you'll have to alter the first two bytes into $00, $60.) If the highest bit in the byte containing the background color is set, the picture is rendered with the background as transparent. To see it in action, make sure you have it installed the next time you browse and go to Click on Amiga and check out the Pink Panther at the bottom of the page. Only Amiga makes it possible! INSTALLATION Put "Koala" in SYS:devs/datatypes/ Put "koala.datatype" in SYS:classes/datatypes/ Type "AddDataTypes SYS:devs/datatypes/koala.datatype REFRESH" or reboot your fave miggy! SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Amiga running AmigaOS 3.x HISTORY 43.0 * Initial Aminet release. 43.1 * New feature: Transparancy as supported by my converter (Aminet:gfx/conv/DTKoala.lha). 43.2 * Faster conversion. PRICE Freeware as always!
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