short : TIM's SceneryAnimator Animations author : (Timothee Lemoine) uploader : alem wanadoo fr (Alain Lemoine) type : pix/views architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 0.97M Date : 6-May-00 Download : 💾
Status: Freeware Distribution: Aminet:sites & cd authorized Others:authorization required (e-mail) Total Size: (uncompressed): 1.336.391 bytes Country: France © Timothee LEMOINE - 1999 All rights reserved Only for a private use * Animations created with SceneryAnimator v4.0 * Configuration used: Amiga 1200-Blizzard1260/50mhz-32Mo * If you appreciate these anims, please send a mail to the author! * Contents of the archive: TIM_0025.readme TIM_Scenery_02.anim: Canyon marron court TIM_Scenery_03.anim: Paysage déchiqueté, pixellisé ------------------------- end of file -------------------------
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