short : Some Ambient icons author : converted to Ambient-icons by Marcel "frostwork" Unbehaun uploader : frostworks gmx de type : pix/picon architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 243.80K Date : 27-Aug-06 Download : 💾
Please read: I have found most of the original pictures on different Amiga-CDs.... All authors unknown to me.... Not yet many, but maybe little bit usefull: pc : Bochs (?) wc : Trashcan (?) : my Trashcan's name is for longer than 10 years "Klo" (=toilet) Hmmmm, probably not very interesting for you tape : some sound-software (?) shell : shell... nightlong : nightlong.... Doom,Duke,Freespace,Heretic2, Hexen, Shogo grabbed from game-screens.... ram : photographed in a park Scout : found with google Have much fun with'em!
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