short : Game icons *PNG* Collection 3 author : Various uploader : tony aksnes broadpark no (Tony Aksnes) type : pix/picon requires : Powericons architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 556.91K Date : 10-Aug-05 Download : 💾
A small icon pack of 38 game box icons. The pack includes the following: BlackFish BOFH Ermentrud Escape Exhult Formido Freedroid GemdropX Global Gladiators bonus game HellChess Hoolywood inside (generic hollywood drawer ;-)) Jetpack Joyride Jump'nBump KoboDeluxe LBreakout 2.x LMarbles LPairs LTris Mad Bomber MicroRacers OES PairsNG PIG PowerManga RAW REminiscence Rush2005 ScummVM SDLMemory Starfighter StripFighter SuperMarioCloneFX TuxFootball VisualBoyADV Warpsnes WBSteroids XMame Reason: Why? , someone had to do it. Even if quite a few emailed/pm'd me this is the last pack in a while so enjoy them;-) How to install: Use Drag And Drop with RAWBinfo (Right Amiga+I) last note: now i am sick of rescaling/scanning icons for a while and this is the last pack for now.)
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