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About Us STC is a group of designer-artist-musician-producers-creative types. They are currently based out of Toronto, Ontario in the Canada and have worked on various projects including print, motion, web, art exhibitions, street art, clothing, stickers, music and more. Check out today for your next fresh design solution! Luke Canning Luke Canning aka 'Frend' has traveled the globe with his refined design sensibility and wacky poster art. Always a critic of the self-wanking design and art scenes, Luke is most recognized as the "godfather" of the thoughtcrimez art collective - an international art community that supports original thought and experimentation. Luke and Thoughtcrimez have appeared in an assortment of publications and art exhibitions internationally. luke() Clayton Hanmer Clayton Hanmer aka 'CTON' or 'Metalskid' has been a Toronto based Artist, Illustrator, and Designer since 1999. His work has been used internationally by several publications, design firms, charitable organizations, and a skate board company. Some of this work has been recognized by design/art publications including Applied Arts, Graphis, and COUPE Magazine. Clayton has been a long time member of the international artist collective, Thoughtcrimez, and is a founding member of Studio Thoughtcrimez where he practices his trade today. It is only here where he is able to listen to his 'rock' music, and talk about hockey. clayton() James McLean James Mclean aka 'toye' is a Toronto based Artist, Designer and music Producer. In Toronto Toye is well known for his bright and bold murals in daring spots around the city. Internationally and on the web, toye is better known as a heavy hitting sticker making machine. His attention to detail and quirky images have seen him featured on www.stickernation,net and He has also contributed to an assortment of publications and has appeared in various articles including those about - an art and design collective he helps manage with Studio Thoughtcrimez. As a musician, James has produced hip hop, down tempo, breaks, techno, drum and bass and dancehall, and plays shows using samplers and drum machines. james() Make Contact info() Icons, desktops, and screensavers were created by Studio Thoughtcrimez & are for FREE and NON-PROFIT use only. You may re-distribute this icon set provided that this Read-Me file is accompanied, & the icon set is distributed as a complete set. Please inform us when you do! Copyright © 2004 Studio Thoughtcrimez.
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