short : Ken's Icons v4 Style 32bit PNG Icons (2) author : (Alper Sönmez) uploader : amithlondestek gmail com (Alper Sönmez) type : pix/picon version : 2.0 requires : AFA_OS v4.1 or PowerIcons on OS3.x architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.08M Date : 6-Nov-09 Download : 💾
Alpyre Icons 2 ************ Ken's Icons v4.0 style 32bit DualPNG Icon AddOn pack 2. If you are using Ken's Icons v4.0 ( on your Amiga and enjoying them, you are probably missing these icons. Some of these Icons were essential for on Amithlon system. I've made the other ones just for fantasy and practise. If you need spesific icons, please don't hasitate to e-mail me. Some of the Icons are painted by me (Miami, CenterWin, TimberWolf...), but most of them are derrived from freely distributable PNG icon packages. Picture style is compatible with Ken's Icons v4.0. I tried my best to keep them very close to his style... Well, they are better then nothing... Enjoy... Alpyre
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