short : PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch author : Amiga's Magic Factory ( uploader : Amiga's Magic Factory (magicfactory operamail com) type : pix/picon version : 29.10.2006 requires : PowerIcons architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 319.54K Date : 29-Oct-06 Download : 💾
Amiga's Magic Factory "AMF-MixPNGIcons" version (29.10.2006) for Amigas or emulators with PowerIcons patch. More PNG icons of original design for fans of 24 bit icons. * Folders: Icons for games and programs. * Games: Icons for games. * Internet: Icons for browsers and programs. * Objects: Icons with fun objects. * Utilities: Icons for program and tools. * Volumes: Icons for drivers. For more details e-mail's contact "" Web:
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