short : Leather 'n Lace pics of LadyHawke from IRC #Amiga author : uploader : LadyHawke cup portal com type : pix/irc architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lha Size : 257.29K Date : 6-Dec-93 Download : 💾
I enjoyed downloading pics of the people who frequent IRC #Amiga, so decided finally to add mine to the list. Figured since I don't look anything like my pictures (it's all done with smoke and mirrors) it was safe. ;-) Interests: Computers, art, music, reading, thinking, cooking, travel, more computers, more art... Profession: Computer Artist/Designer/Writer Awards in computer graphics, contemporary art, design. Articles in Amazing Computing, Amiga World, True Imaging, Computek, Winning, et al. Beta tester, computer software designer, tech. writer (mostly computer manuals). Other: Happily attached Offline 'real' name - Julie Petersen
PERMSSN UID GID SIZE RATIO STAMP NAME ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- [generic] 540590 48.7% Dec 5 1993 LadyHawke.ilbm ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- Total 1 file 540590 48.7% Dec 6 1993
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