short : A few colour JPEG's of me author : uploader : csc280 lancster ac uk type : pix/irc architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 76.40K Date : 28-May-94 Download : 💾
For those that have asked - a few colour JPEG's of me (Jewelie on IRC #amiga, Julie Brandon to the world outside of cyberspace). See - I told you I was fat, old, ugly and wierd! They were scanned recently from a colour scanner at around 100dpi to 300dpi from some recently taken photographs. The sources used were true 24-bit colour undithered sources, which is why the JPEG's are relatively small considering their size and selected compression quality (80%-95%). The aspect ratio isn't quite right, at least on my monitor; they ought to be slightly longer length-wise, or thinner width-wise (you know what I mean...) Take care. Bye for now. - Jewelie
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