short : MusicMaker V8 Version 3.0 (Disk 2 of 3) author : Thomas Winischhofer uploader : thomas winischhofer net (Thomas Winischhofer) type : mus/edit version : 3.02 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lharc Size : 421.08K Date : 11-Feb-18 Download : 💾
"MusicMaker V8" Version 3.0 ("MMV8") is a sample-based music editor I wrote from 1987 until 1993. It's not "just another tracker", it's instead based on macros which apply to one channel only. These macros can be combined freely to form a song. MMV8 includes a very powerful sample-editor and a sophisticated technique for providing eight channels (each capable of playing at different volume levels) on a standard Amiga. It was actually the very first program on the market back then with eight completely independent channels. Samples can be packed using the Fibonacci compression algorithm, with variable compression rates up to 50%. As of OS 2.1, the user interface can be configured to either English or German. SDK, sources for players and a few example tunes are included. Version 3.0 had a lot of improvements. I also added the ability to save music data and samples into one module file. How to install: MM back then came on three disks. I kept this scheme when uploading it to Aminet. Therefore, you need three archives: MMV8_Disk_1.lha MMV8_Disk_2.lha MMV8_Disk_3.lha ---------------------------------------------------------- ATTN: Due to (questionable) copyright issues, the following files are missing from disk 2 of the original distribution: Directory File Version ------------------------------------------------- C Assign (all below from WB 1.3) Else EndCLI EndIF Execute If LoadWB Mount Newshell Run SetMap Xsetpatch (= "SetPatch" from WB 1.3) Xsetpatch2.0 (= "SetPatch" from WB 2.04) XVersion (= "Version" from WB 1.3) L Disk-Validator (all from WB 1.3) Newcon-Handler Ram-Handler LIBS icon.library (version from WB 1.3) UTILITIES more If you do not have a hard disk, you will need to copy these files to their directories in order to boot from disk 2. (Or download the complete archive from ) ----------------------------------------------------------- Either copy the files contained in the three archives each to a floppy, or in separate temp directories on your hard disk. Name the disks - "Install-MM3" (disk 1), - "MMV8" (disk 2) and - "MM_Instruments" (disk 3), or assign these names to the directories on the harddisk. Then run "Install-MM" on Disk 1. Minimum requirements: - 1 MB memory - OS 1.3 Revision 3.02 is a small update. The archives now contain updated player libraries and EaglePlayers (the latter the same as in version 5.02 of "EP_MMV8" on Aminet), and the installer script now explains errors that might occur when the installer is unable to add assign commands to the startup-sequence. Also the following changes were made: Version 3.01: - MM: Fix ignored disabled macros in MacEd - MM: Default to doing nothing instead of Overwriting in Tracks - MM: Watch all (not just CustEd) channels play if interlace screen is available. - mmv88.library: Disable "FAST" mixing method on 68020+. - mmv88.library: Remove "CachePreDMA" calls, they were not required. Version 3.02: Version 3.02: - MM: Several enhancements to the File Requester. Also, MM can now handle filenames up to 108 characters in length. - MM: When loading an instrument in instrument editor, shift-clicking on a file in the file requester now auditions that file. Choosing an instrument was never that comfortable. - MM: Fix a nearly 30 year old bug when loading compressed IFF-8SVX samples. - MM: Bugfix: Mouse-pointer was updated too often in Track-Editor. - MM: On NTSC-machines, the main screen is now an autoscroll screen, not an interlaced one. - MM: Several text changes, updated german catalog - MM: New drawing routines for LFO curves and the EXT-downsampling table - MM: New way of defining the downsampling table in EXT-mode for FAST channels in Preferences; I hope this clarifies what that actually does. - mmv88.library: Undo 3.01 change of disabling FAST mixing method. This was not the right thing to do. - Several other changes under the hood. - Fix Developer-archive; was lha'd instead of lharc'd, failed to install in 3.01. Lots of sample tunes available at Copyright notice: MusicMaker V8 is herewith declared freeware. I do have, as a matter of fact, all necessary licenses. Q: Why is the program called "V8", when it is only version 3? A: 8 refers to the number of channels available. "V8" is a playful reference to the world of motor engines, where that term usually has the aura of luxury and grandness.
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