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File created on: 12.07.97, 11:50:00 (CET) By: Phat-n-Phunky (Boris Lorenz) For: All of you Subject: Re-release of various mods Included with: retro07.lha --------------------------------------------------------------------------- »flush of text follows« --- All modules found in this archive have been composed by Boris M. Lorenz way back in time, beginning from the year 1989 till 1995. In these days I used to work with an A1000, later A500, and found that nothing eludes me more than arranging tracks. At that time I often worked for several demo- or intro-projects for groups like Unicorn, Laser Dance and for my own stuff, PDI (Prime Design), thus spreading my sound to an open public. This increased the rate of theft nominally; about four of my tracks have been used by other people (including commercial companies). But this was not so much negative as the ways of commercial exploitation were not that hard and annoying than today. Today I am making music with some more complex machinery, synthesizers, samplers, effect-processors an a lot of cables, and my music is somehow more elaborate than it could have been without my Amiga-roots; my music is made with electronical means, and so it sounds. My roots are based upon German techno from Kraftwerk, but also on electric funk, electro and the early hip-hop, as well as belgian underground-ebm and techno. Globally, I feel home in Detroit´s technological shores, but I have never lost the essence of creativity: Experimentation. Use the sound, forget the notes - do it hard and scratch. If you feel like writing to me, mail your comments to:, or feel free to contact me on CompuServe under 101602,723. Mail is always appreciated, but please don´t unattendetly send mods or similar digital media to me because I really have no interest in swapping anymore (you should have asked me for it five years ago...!) ;) Listen with an open mind. DISCLAIMER----------------------------------------------------------------- The modules found in the archive mentioned above are herewith purely PUBLIC DOMAIN. Do what you want with it, except for changing the arrangements or samples within a distributed track without crediting the original author, Boris M. Lorenz. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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