short : Mods from Kefrens-Demo "Desert Dream" author : Laxity of KEFRENS uploader : sge chemie tu-chemnitz de (Sven Gester) type : mods/misc architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 422.57K Date : 15-Feb-94 Download : 💾
These 5 tunes were ripped from the Demo "Desert Dream" from KEFRENS and con- verted with "Pro Wizard V1.5". ( special thanx to GRYZOR for the ultimate Module-Converter ) The modules were packed as PP-Data-Files, so that newer Protracker-Versions ( or other Module-Players ) can play them immediately. Owner of older Players must first depack all modules. All songs were composed by Laxity of KEFRENS in the original format of his own "Laxity-Tracker".
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