short : Fuck the worms - jungle by tarmslyng author : tarmslyng uploader : tarmslyng loonies dk type : mods/jungl architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 692.54K Date : 6-Dec-01 Download : 💾
Name: Fuck the worms (Fuck regnormene) Net-Label: Loonies Records Artist: Tarmslyng Lenght: 2:00 min Style: jungle Format: MOD (protracker) 4ch Tempo: 171 bpm Size: 922 k (unpacked) Date: 7-4-2001 Comment: This track was made as a demo track for the demo called Hotstyle takeover by loonies released at ms2001. I have basicly stolen a lot of breaks and bass themes from a lot of records. The resson for this is that I could not get the right sound quality otherwise. Contact the label at: e-mail: Home-page: or
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