short : Part 3 of a mega-monster-module-mix author : DJ Hotcakes (Toby Zuijdveld) uploader : hoss satech net au (Ian Hoskins) type : music/meds/techno/jungle architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 553.44K Date : 20-Dec-96 Download : 💾
/\ _ _ _ /\___ _ _ //\\__ _ _ /\_ _ /\__/\_ _ /\__/\_ _ __ _________\//\_____________/ \__________/\____/\ /\ ____/\__/\______ \\_\\____ ¬\/. ____/ ____/__/ _______ __/ \/ \/ / \. ____/ | ) _// __/__\____ \ \_____ \/ \/ \ \ \ \_/ __/__ |! | ¬\ \ \ \\ \ \ \\ \\ \\ \ \\ -/ \ \ |___| //_____ //______ //__/_____ //___ //___\//_/\ //__ //DTN__ // !___/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ is proud to present: Part 3 of a mega-mighty-monster-module-mix mixed by DJ Hotcakes at RST Design! (Well I can't just abandon RST altogether now can I, anyway, iA are going to get all my REALLY good mods, _when_ I finish em {so it could be awhile:)}) Well! The title says it all, really. This MED is part 3 of a part tune, the whole point of it being another devious plot to save on harddrive space :) But no, seriously (serious?), there have been a lot of damn good jungle tunes being created out there, so since I keep scrubbing them for harddrive space, I'll pack em all together and call it `mine!' so I can put it in the `mine!' drawer, which never gets scrubbed. On purpose anyway. And besides, the Amiga scene hasn't had it's fair share of mixes lately either. Anyway, I only managed to cram in 2 tunes :) Oh well. The tunes in this part are: 1. Terrorist remix (med.Terrorist) by Sheffra (Original by Ray Keith..?) 2. Jungle Bells (Jungle Bells) by U4IA and DJ Skye Tek speks: Format : MED Number of tunes : 2 Part number : 3/? Greets to all I know in RST, iA and especially to Sheffra, Ray whoever, U4IA and DJ Skye for obvious reasons :) Here are listed all my tunes. Only the ones I consider to be decent are in here. Tekno ================ Module Name Filename Module type Label ============================================================================ 2 Da Core 2DaCore MEDule RESISTANCE 240BPM rompinstompin hardcore techno. Ow. Adnauseum Adnauseam.MED MEDule RESISTANCE Adnauseam 1/2. Adnauseam 2 mod.beep MODule RESISTANCE Adnauseam 2/2. Agoraphobia Agoraphobia MEDule RESISTANCE So good I got invited to join Interactive! Be Happy BeHappy OctaMEDule RESISTANCE My first released 8 channel medule. Bondage And Whipped Cream BandWC.mod MODule RESISTANCE My first really decent tune. As heard on radio ;) Dance Alf Dance mod.DAD MODule RESISTANCE A dancemix of the Alf theme. Luv-er-ly. Flowers In The Forest Flowers.mod MEDule RESISTANCE A remix of a Skid Row tro. It's Fantastic ItsFantastic.95REMIX MEDule RESISTANCE A remix of someone else's remix of It's Fantastic. Very loud ;) Two Timez Ninety Hardeharhar MEDule Interactive Cool 180BPM raver along the lines of 168 Let's Go! and, urr... Old Angsomething _Old_Angsomething_ MEDule RESISTANCE A short remix of that tune. What's it name? Overdose OvErDøSe.mod MODule RESISTANCE A remix of one of U4IA's tunes. Still a classic. Spaced _S_p_a_c_e_d_ MEDule RESISTANCE The Song With No Name TheSongWithNoName Multi-MEDule Interactive My first tune for iA. Hardtrancey. Yaaay. Weirdness Got The Boy mod.WeirdGOTBOY MEDule RESISTANCE It even reminded a few people of Pacman. It's beyond me. Yakked Yakked MEDule RESISTANCE A version of that American theme... In 6/4 Hardcore style ;) Young MEDule RESISTANCE A remix of Slice's remix of Forever Young. The bass is a bit off :) Non-tekno ================ Module Name Filename Module type Label ============================================================================ Chuck Rock 2 Level 2 Theme mod.ChuckII-2 MEDule RESISTANCE Just another channel of melody and echos and stuff. Even nicer. *Muddish Thingy MudThing.mod MODule RESISTANCE Yeh. Banjo at it's worst :) Shits med.Shits MEDule RESISTANCE Converted from 4 to 3 channels with only an 16k increase. Sorrow Sorrow.mod MODule RESISTANCE Another piano tune... Still quite nice... Conversions ================ Module Name Filename Original Module type Now ============================================================================ 000BFABC 000BFABC Whittaker Multi-MEDule Taken from the castle level on Shadow Of The Beast. 168 Let's Go 168Let'sGo Compact Disk MEDule As found on Strictly Techno CD. Character Generation CharGen.MD1 SMUS MEDule As found on the character generation screen on Eye Of The Beholder. Finale Finale.MD1 SMUS MEDule As found on the extro to Eye Of The Beholder. Here's Johnny HeresJonny! Tape MEDule That goddamned popular hardcore (!) track. Good conversion tho. *Hero HERO.MED Vectordean Multi-MEDule As found on the intro to Sensible World Of Soccer 95-96. Menu Music MMUS.MED Vectordean Multi-MEDule As found on Sensible World Of Golf's menu screens. New Intro NewIntro1.MD1 SMUS MEDule As found on the intro to Eye Of The Beholder. *Unnamed 1 Unnamed1.MED Tape MEDule Unnamed 2 was too big so I killed it before release. Unnamed 4 Unnamed4.MED Tape MEDule Unnamed 3 was too big so I killed it before release. Lots of others, too... Which I have lost over the time. If anybody has any of my mods marked with a * before the name, or any of the Eye Of The Beholder 1 and 2 tunes and Shadow Of The Beast tunes I converted which are unmentioned in the above lists, please, upload em somewhere!!! Also, if you want any of my tunes and can't find it on AmiNet there's a good chance it never got there. Just write to me and I'll upload the song somewhere. You want to contact me for any reason? Just send an EMail to the uploader address at the top of this file. But make sure you address it to me, as it's not my account... Well, that should just about do it this time. CATchas in my next release!
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