short : Best Mandelbrot & Julia fractals renderer author : Dino Papararo (Dino_Papararo@Alice.It) / Edgar Schwan ( uploader : Dino Papararo (Dino_Papararo Alice it) type : gfx/fract version : 1.2 (28-Gen-2018) replaces : FlashMandelNG.lha requires : at least an MC68020 and Wb/Kick 3.1+ (If you have a Kick 3.0 use IWantChunky patch on Aminet) architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0; ppc-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 33.57M Date : 29-Jan-18 Download : 💾
Full functional program for rendering Mandelbrot & Julia fractals with different exponents. Support for AmigaOS4.x PowerPc machine and ECS/AGA/RTG 68020+ AmigaOS classic computers or compatible systems. Uses new Reaction GUI, Arexx port, Localization, Arbitrary precision math and don't need any installer, just click 'n run! C & Asm sources included ! It's fast even on old Amigas and can render even with direct memory access (TURBO OPTION), under WinUAE it's faster than many others x86 native fractal programs ;-) Saved pictures can be reloaded and further explored at all supported screen's resolutions. It's really cool and totally free ;-) FlashMandelNG is Giftware, if you like it please sent nice goodies to author just like dollars, euros or simply gold medals ;-)) A common postcard is ok too! New in this version: Set executable icon flags to let it run under AmigaOS4, sorry I had never tested it before because only now I have an AmigaOS4 machine... thanks very much to Toni Wilen and his WinUAE and Hyperion guys!!! :-) Enjoy, Amiga Rulez!
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