short : tetris clone with multiplayer support author : Michael Speck uploader : Thomas Igracki de (Thomas Igracki) type : game/think version : 1.0.19 architecture : ppc-morphos distribution : Aminet kurz : Tetris clone, Mehrspieler faehig Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 623.72K Date : 29-Jan-18 Download : 💾
LTris a tetris clone for Linux by Michael Speck ******************** I. Requirements II. Installation III. Troubleshooting IV. Localization V. Feedback ******************** ******************** I. Requirements ******************** LTris runs in X and uses SDL (any version though >= 1.1.4 is recommended) and SDL_mixer (optional for sound). Both libraries can be found at ******************** II. Installation ******************** Enter your favorite shell and type in the following stuff (in the directory you extracted the LTris source) > ./configure [--disable-sound] [--disable-install] [--disable-nls] [--localstatedir=HIDIR] --disable-sound: no sound --with-buffer-size: modify audio buffer size (set this value to 2048 if you encounter any sound delays) --disable-install: no installation; play from source directory --localstatedir: install global highscores to this directory REPLACES --with-highscore-path TO COMPLY WITH AUTOCONF; THE DEFAULT LOCATION NOW DEPENDS ON YOUR DISTRIBUTION: PREVIOUSLY IT WAS /var/lib/games. USE --localstatedir=/var/lib/games FOR EXISTING HIGHSCORES. --disable-nls disable gettext support > make > su (become root) > make install (if install wasn't disabled) > exit (become user again) > ltris (run game) ******************** III. Troubleshooting ******************** If you have SDL_mixer installed but configure tells you that it can't find it, remember that you have to install the development package for compiling! --- If you can't compile because LTris' timestamps are slightly in the future run 'touchall' (found in the configure directory). --- If the SDL sound seems to be out of sync first try to modify the audio buffer by using configure option --with-buffer-size (set to 2048). If this fails set SDL_AUDIODRIVER to dma (export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dma). ******************** IV. Localization ******************** This game now supports i18n. If you want to add l10n for your native language, please contact me first, to prevent overlapping translations. A thorough documentation can be found at Basically, you will have to do the following: 1) cd po 2) add your language code (e.g., de for German) to the existing line in LINGUAS merely separated from the other languages by a blank 3) run `msginit -o .po` with replaced by your language code 4) translate the english message IDs in .po 5) run make .gmo Whenever you change something in your translation you'll have to repeat step 5). I strongly recommend to configure the program with --disable-install while working on a translation. Otherwise you'd have to copy and rename the .gmo file as root every time you want to see your changes. If the source has been compiled without installation, only step 5) and simply running the game is required. (Of course, the enviroment variable LANG must be set to your locale.) This should suffice. If not, please read the excellent documentation at The fonts do only contain the basic latin letters. No special letters (like the german umlauts or any accents for example) are supported, so a l10n should not use them. If a string has a single %, meant as a percent sign, you'll have to manually remove the 'format' comment above the id (if any). ******************** V. Feedback ******************** LGames URL: e-Mail:
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