short : Freeciv for MorphOS, V1.2 author : (Ilkka Lehtoranta), (Sebastian Bauer), Freeciv Development Team uploader : ilkleht isoveli org (Ilkka Lehtoranta) type : game/strat version : 1.2 requires : MorphOS, NList, TCP/IP stack architecture : ppc-morphos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 760.95K Date : 23-Mar-03 Download : 馃捑
(based on Amiga V1.17 / Freeciv 1.14.0) This is fully PPC native compile of Freeciv for MorphOS based on Amiga port done by Sebastian Bauer. Both server and client included but no data files. If you dont have those get base archive then (i.e. game/2play/freeciv.lha). Since this is compiled from Amiga port the client is exactly same as 68k version. Especially thanks for Sebastian Bauer for his great work on Amiga. My job was just in grabbing sources from CVS and doing some small (minor) changes for PPC. My Freeciv website for MorphOS: And don't forget the original Amiga port: Known problems ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 路 Worklists are still disabled from this version (it crashes the client). Future ~~~~~~ 路 keep up to date with the latest freeciv / Amiga port 路 fix worklists 路 apply some enhancements for Amiga port :) History ~~~~~~~ 07-Mar-2003 (version 1.2) 路 NEW autoconnect option is now implemented 路 corresponds to Freeciv 1.14.0 and Amiga version 1.17-1.18 路 many small changes to GUI 27-Aug-2002 (version 1.1) 路 NEW audio support code is now complete (no Play16 needed) 路 NEW gfx is loaded now via datatypes so guigfx.library is not needed. 路 NEW reworked title screen to make it look better 路 NEW all possible image formats are now supported 路 NEW 8bit screens nor AGA are *NOT* supported any longer. 15bit screen mode or better is needed 路 FIX client doesnt crash anymore when building new city 路 FIX dialog windows are now working properly 路 FIX added workaround for incomplete datatypes without mask support 路 FIX message window was broken 路 compiled client from the latest Freeciv sources 路 did some small changes to GUI 20-Aug-2002 (version 1.0) 路 corresponds to Freeciv 1.13.1 (devel) and Amiga version 1.17 Feel free to ask questions, send bug reports etc. to Ilkka Lehtoranta
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