short : Modernized clone of the game "Dune II" author : (Anthony Cole) et al. uploader : polluks sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal) type : game/strat version : 0.95b2 requires : PAK-files from the original Dune 2 (see below) architecture : ppc-morphos url : Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 2.72M Date : 2-Mar-12 Download : 💾
/------------------------------- | | | Dune Legacy 0.95 readme | | ----------------------- | | | -------------------------------/ IMPORTANT: This software is provided as is, and you are running it at your own risk. I'm not responsible if any harm results from you aquiring, or running this software. If you distribute this software, make sure this readme file is included. The program Dune Legacy is an modernized clone of the excellent Westwood Studios game "Dune 2". It is ridiculusly easy to find Dune2 on the net anyways, but I won't provide it. I think you can still even buy it from Westwood studios, so do that. There exists a mod called Superdune 2. The PAK-Files Superdune 2 provides are nearly the same except SCENARIO.PAK. This program would not have been created without the use of the excellent SDL library and its extensions. Thanks guys :). Getting Started --------------- The following PAK-files from the original Dune 2 are needed to play Dune Legacy: HARK.PAK ATRE.PAK ORDOS.PAK ENGLISH.PAK DUNE.PAK SCENARIO.PAK MENTAT.PAK VOC.PAK MERC.PAK FINALE.PAK INTRO.PAK SOUND.PAK GERMAN.PAK (for playing in German) FRENCH.PAK (for playing in French) It depends on your system and installation where to put these files. LEGACY.PAK is supplied with Dune Legacy and is already in this directory. All the other files should be copied there too. Linux: It depends on how the game was compiled. Normally you should put these files under /usr/share/dunelegacy/ or /usr/local/share/dunelegacy/ . Just look for LEGACY.PAK Windows: Put the PAK-files inside your installation folder. MAC OS X: The PAK-files have to be copied inside the application bundle. Just right-click on the bundle and select "Show Bundle Content". Then navigate into "Contents" and then into "Resources". There you will find LEGACY.PAK. Put the other PAK-files there too. -------------------------------------------------------------- IRC: #dunelegacy @ Web:
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