short : Realtime strategy game like dune 2 author : Jeppe Nielsen ( uploader : Jeppe Nielsen (nielsen_jeppe hotmail com) type : game/strat architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 642.67K Date : 1-Aug-99 Download : 💾
Last updated : Saturday 31/7 1999 Homepage: New per 31/7 - Send units via the minimap - Group units using f1-f10 keys and call them with 1-0 keys - Big bug removed New per 18/6: - Improved tigger system - Trigger editor can change units/buildings attributes(health, fire power etc.) - Send your maps, missions or campaigns to: New per 13/6: - New tigger system with a trigger editor to make advanced missions - "vehicle turning"- bug fixed - And many more bugs fixed - homepage: This is a one player realtime war strategy game like dune2 and c&c. This is a 3 mission demo. But It now include a trigger editor, to make much more advanced missions than before. You can chain missions together for long missions with a big story. Requirements: Any AGA Amiga with: 68020 or better processor (developed on a 68030) Atleast 1 mb of chipram Recommended: 68030 cpu or better UPDATED VERSION!!! Now includes: - Many new units - Many new buildings - Can be run in any screenmode and resolution - Better resource system - Better missions - Better load/save system (now you can save your games) - Many bugs fixed Try it and send me an email of what you think of it. Email : And/or visit my homepage:
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