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INTRODUCTION. Wizard Wars is a shareware strategy game for the amiga. It runs under WB 1.3, 2.0 and (fingers crossed) 3.0. It requires about 450k of RAM, and multitasks quite happily. It is lacking fancy graphics, sound, and could do with improved gameplay, but otherwise it is quite playable with the sole exception that every minute or so a requester will pop-up asking you to register. (ReminderWare?) The program that came with this doc file requires 2 fonts (sapphire-14 and garnet-9), and the diskfont.library before it'll work, if you don't have these in your fonts: and libs: directories you should copy them there. (If you don't the program will tell you what it needs, likewise should you not have enough contiguous memory available it'll tell you). The shareware option mentioned above is as always completely discretionary, however you should support shareware authors as I know if I don't make any money out of this, I'll find something else to do (probably something very boring that doesn't pay well and leaves me with little spare time. Like a job - God forbid!). Anyway, I'm only asking for £8, It would be a fiver but after VAT, disks, postage and packing there'd be next to nothing left for my time and effort. In addition to salving your tender conscience, if you register, you'll receive back a bootable disk with the game on, a printed manual (which is invaluable if you want to be able to play the game properly - the notes that follow are brief and some gameplay is obscure), and perhaps most importantly, the chance to upgrade to the 'real' version of the game when it's completed for a few quid to cover costs. This 'real' version is what I'd have liked Wizard wars to be all along, it'll have proper graphics by a real artist (and not my efforts), proper sound by a real musician (my efforts were so bad I couldn't bring myself to include them in this version), better gameplay (I learnt a lot from coding this game up, I've got lots of ideas that will be included to make things much more interesting), and basically turn this game into something that'll rival some commercial games. If you don't register, apart from the fact that I may not have enough money to pay the artists I've got interested in the project (whereupon obviously version 2 simply will not appear) version 2 will cost you quite a bit more than if you register now. Shareware fees (£8) should made payable to 'NEBULA SOFTWARE' and addressed to: Nebula Software, 42, Goldspink Lane, Sandyford, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE2 1NR. ENGLAND. Like I said, you'll get a printed manual and self-booting disk back. THE GAME. Wizard Wars is a simple strategy game, you play a wizard in his tower who creates demons to send out to destroy the other wizards' towers. The demons can move about (different terrain uses more movement points) by clicking on the adjacent hex you want it to move into. Note that you must have an active demon in order to move it, and that it must be displayed (ie, you can't move your demon if the map window is displaying anything else - like a targetted demon). Demons can cast spells at other demons, to do this click the 'target' button until the required demon is displayed, and then click the button with the spell written on it - each demon has 3 spells, one attack, one defensive and one miscellaneous. Some spells can only be cast upon the casting demon (like fly). You'll need mana for most things, your wizard gets 25 points each turn plus extra for any captured cities and villages. Creating demons costs this mana, and is different from the mana the demons have to cast spells with (demons also use up 1 point of mana each turn simply to exist). Each wizard has a flag, things possessed by him will have this flag above them on the display. The board/stats button brings up a full map of the play area, you can make different things flash (and at different rates using the slider at the side of the gadgets) to see who owns what, or to see where things are. The zig-zag line (border) that can be displayed shows what is seen on the map window on the main screen so you can see where you are at the moment. If you set the slider to 0 (as far up as it'll go), the corresponding things will not flash but will remain highlighted. The symbols on the fullmap are: v- village, c- city, #- castle, |?|-tower (? is the first letter of the wizard's name), ?- demon (? is the first letter of the owning wizard's name). The above are brief notes on how to play, if you have difficulty, please buy the manual from me - I worked hard to make it easy to understand, unlike the above which I suppose'll be totally incomprehensible to you. If you have any comments about this please contact me. Andy Bolstridge, Nebula Software 1992. ============================= Archive contents ============================= Original Packed Ratio Date Time Name -------- ------- ----- --------- -------- ------------- 170376 50440 70.3% 16-Nov-92 01:02:24 WizardWars 4893 2371 51.5% 16-Nov-92 23:08:38 WizardWars.doc 914 349 61.8% 12-Nov-92 17:01:52 1279 634 50.4% 16-Nov-92 23:13:14 installation -------- ------- ----- --------- -------- 177462 53794 69.6% 02-Sep-95 00:00:00 4 files
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