short : Solo/Multiplayer Civ II clone (Xserver) author : FreeCiv team (see CREDITS), Sebastian Huebner (Amiga mods & compile) uploader : Sebastian Huebner type : game/strat version : 1.0 (08-Sep-1998) requires : XServer (Xgeek/AmiWin), TCP/IP-Stack (Miami/AmiTCP), XPM (included), 020+ architecture : generic kurz : Ein-/Mehrspieler Civ II Clone (Xserver) Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 180.12K Date : 10-Sep-98 Download : 💾
WHAT IS NEW First Aminet release. FreeCiv version 1.7.0, Amiga compile version 1.0. WHAT IS IT This is the Amiga compile of a FREEWARE Civilization II clone for Unix/X11. Since it has no special Amiga GUI, it needs an Xserver (like Xgeek/Geek Gadgets or AmiWin/Holger Kruse) and the Xpm library (included). If you haven't installed an Xserver yet, you should first get Xgeek or AmiWin and test and play around with it. Warning: this isn' sooo easy, but it's feasible, anyhow. FEATURES - Multiplayer via TCP/IP - Soloplayer against computer controlled opponents - completely configurable (map size, resources, enemies, ...) - ... (see README for a whole bunch of other features) FILES Needed files: FreeCiv1.7-020.lha OR FreeCiv1.7-040.lha FreeCiv1.7-dat.lha FreeCiv1.7-xpm.lha FreeCiv1.7-src.lha (only needed for recompile) (from Aminet, e.g. Additionally needed files when using AmiWin (registered): X-11R6.3-ixlib-bin.tgz (from Geek Gadgets, e.g. or on CD (!!) ) Additionally needed files when using AmiWin (unregistered): X-11R6.3-ixlib-bin.tgz X-11R6.3-fonts-bin.tgz (from Geek Gadgets, e.g. or on CD (!!) ) NOTE: '.tgz' means '.tar.gz'! So you maybe need a GUNZIP tool to unpack the file(s) - this creates a '.tar' file - and a TAR tool to list/extract the files inside of the '.tar' file !! These tools are available from Aminet, too. MY CONFIGURATION A4000, CyberStorm 060/50+604e/200, 2MB Chip + 144MB Fast, CyberVision64/2MB, Miami 2.1f, Xgeek CONTACT eMail: Sebastian Huebner
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