short : Solo/Multiplayer Civ II clone (Xserver) author : FreeCiv team (see CREDITS), Sebastian Huebner (Amiga mods & compile) uploader : Sebastian Huebner type : game/strat version : 2.0 (09-Nov-1998) requires : XServer (Xgeek/AmiWin), TCP/IP-Stack (Miami/AmiTCP), 020+ architecture : generic kurz : Ein-/Mehrspieler Civ II Clone (Xserver) Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 171.85K Date : 11-Nov-98 Download : 💾
WHAT IS NEW Second Aminet release. FreeCiv version 1.7.1, Amiga compile version 2.0. (Extract from NEWS file:) "For 1.7, a _lot_ of bugs have been fixed, new features added, and thanks to John Stonebraker, the AI is now so powerful that you'll probably want to handicap it with the "normal" command. :-)" (Amiga version 2.0:) FIXED: Sometimes client froze while units where fighting (first mentioned by Lindqvist Marko - thanx!) ADDED: Now you are able to watch hit points decrease while units are fighting. Hint for AmiWin users added in case client is unable to open window on AmiWin screen. WHAT IS IT This is the Amiga compile of a FREEWARE Civilization II clone for Unix/X11. Since it has no special Amiga GUI, it needs an Xserver (like Xgeek/Geek Gadgets or AmiWin/Holger Kruse) and the Xpm library (included). If you haven't installed an Xserver yet, you should first get Xgeek or AmiWin and test and play around with it. Warning: this isn' sooo easy, but it's feasible, anyhow. FEATURES - Multiplayer via TCP/IP - Soloplayer against computer controlled opponents - completely configurable (map size, resources, enemies, ...) - ... (see README for a whole bunch of other features) FILES Needed files: FreeCiv1.7-020.lha OR FreeCiv1.7-040.lha FreeCiv1.7-dat.lha FreeCiv1.7-xpm.lha FreeCiv1.7-src.lha (only needed for recompile) (from Aminet, e.g. Additionally needed files when using AmiWin (registered): X-11R6.3-ixlib-bin.tgz (from Geek Gadgets, e.g. or on CD (!!) ) Additionally needed files when using AmiWin (unregistered): X-11R6.3-ixlib-bin.tgz X-11R6.3-fonts-bin.tgz (from Geek Gadgets, e.g. or on CD (!!) ) NOTE: '.tgz' means '.tar.gz'! So you maybe need a GUNZIP tool to unpack the file(s) - this creates a '.tar' file - and a TAR tool to list/extract the files inside of the '.tar' file !! These tools are available from Aminet, too. INSTALLATION Please read README_Amiga inside for instructions and hints. MY CONFIGURATION A4000, CyberStorm 060/50+604e/200, 2MB Chip + 144MB Fast, CyberVision64/2MB, Miami 2.1f, Xgeek CONTACT eMail: Sebastian Huebner
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