short : Amiga port of Empire game author : Chris Gray, David Wright, Peter Langston uploader : amigansoftware gmail com (James Jacobs) type : game/strat version : 2.3w architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.07M Date : 18-Mar-14 Download : 💾
Empire is a multiplayer game of exploration, economics, war, etc. which can last a couple of months. Can be played either on the local keyboard or remotely through a modem. There is complete source code and binaries for V2.0 (except that EmpMap needs intuiTools, which seems to have never been released). There are binaries and partial source code for V2.2w. There are binaries only for V2.3w. If you just want to play the game, V2.3w is recommended. Quickstart instructions: (a) copy Empire.library to LIBS: (b) double-click eg. 16x16 to create a world. (c) double-click EmpServ to start Empire server process. (d) double-click Empire to start Empire client. Notes: Some necessary V2.2w files are missing, therefore V2.2w can't be compiled (even in conjunction with V2.0 files). client/Empire.w,seremp.w: in original V2.0 source these also had the smallbss parameter. But our version (and V2.2w source) omits it, as BLink 5.7 doesn't support it. The source code is in the Draco 1.3 language (see lang/Draco-m68k.lha). The V2.0 Empire program seems to have a bug in its stack checking when started from Workbench (always reports 0-sized stack). There are some anomalous version strings, eg. the readme for V2.3w says v2.2w, Empire.library V2.0 calls itself V2.1, Empire.library V2.3w calls itself 2.25w beta. All versions of Empire.library are called V1.0 by the Version command. END OF DOCUMENT-----------------------------------------------------------
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