short : Pziband 1.1.0 - Roguelike solo RPG author : Many, including Bablos uploader : Bablos type : game/role version : 1.1.0 requires : KS1.3, 1.4Mb RAM. Hard Drive recommended. architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 939.17K Date : 21-Dec-00 Download : 💾
Pziband is a variant of Angband, which is a single player role playing game. You choose a race and a class, then roll up statistics to describe your various abilities. Then you're unleashed upon the dungeons of Angband, ultimately dropping to dungeon level 100 and trying your damndest to kill Morgoth, Lord of Darkness. Along the way you encounter a myriad of creatures and uniques to hinder your progress, and objects and artifacts to help you achieve your goals. Angband is loosely based on the works of JRR Tolkien, and had the game Rogue as an ancestor, hence the term 'roguelike' that is encountered in this guide and many other documents relating to Angband and it's variants. Pziband is Zangband with Psionics - players can focus the power of their mind as an attack, and can amplify this through objects called 'foci'. It's no longer maintained, so I'm submitting it to Aminet for completeness' sake. Angband is constantly under development, and has been since it came out in its most basic form back in 1985. Requirements You'll need at *least* this to run Pziband; o Kickstart 1.3 o 1.4 Mb of memory o 68000 - a faster processor is nice, but by no means necessary. Recommended Configuration This is what I'd recommend to get the most out of Pziband; o Kickstart 3.0 or better o 2Mb of memory o 68020 or better
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