short : Manages multiple savefiles for Cthangband + compat. author : Björn Östberg uploader : Björn Östberg type : game/role requires : RequestFile command, IconX (both provided with the WB) architecture : m68k-amigaos distrib : AminetCD Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 7.59K Date : 12-May-01 Download : 💾
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, it's true! Now you can play several characters using the same game installation without any hassle. A fileselector allows you to select a character (or create a new one) when starting Cthangband. You can store characters you're not going to use for a while, aswell as rescue recently dead ones. There are three scripts managing this: 1. Character selector / backup management 2. Rescue from backup 3. Character storage They're all equppied with (a love muscle!) working double-clickable icons. INSTALLATION: 1. BACKUP LIVING CHARACTERS BEFORE INSTALLING ANYTHING!!! Those can be found in the "Cthangband:save" directory. 2. Copy the files in the archive to your Cthangband directory. 3. Create the directories: "Cthangband:Backup" and "Cthangband:Storage". 4. Finished! USAGE: Double click the icons! If you want to rescue anything, then it must be done BEFORE STARTING CTHANGBAND AGAIN!!! The backup directory is updated everytime you play or store a character, therefore either of those actions will bash in the last nail in the coffin and the character will thereafter be permanently DEAD! (no, the parrot is just sleeping) KNOWN PROBLEMS: When creating a new character you can't just ignore selecting a character, since the file selector will automaticly select the first avaliable alternative (arrgh!). The only way to create a new character for the moment is to enter jibberish in the file selector. I think I'll just include a separate script for creating new characters sometime soon. Apart from that, the scripts seems to work allright. I'm looking into the matter of making them safer though; to not deleting anything unless copying was successfull. The current behaviur could result in lost files due to a failure to copy because "Disk is full" then deleting the only remaining copy. Not good. LEGAL GOEE: I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data nor any program failure! Bugger ye off, in general terms! Your average Shareware blaha applies. /JetRacer
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