short : 68k AGA/RTG Port of ScummVM author : (Nogfx) uploader : nogfx free fr type : game/role version : 0.38 replaces : game/misc/ScummVM_AGA.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 394.62K Date : 27-Jan-02 Download : 💾
----------------------------------------------- Enjoy 256 colours Lucas Arts games on Amiga ! ----------------------------------------------- *** Notes: *** .There are two versions of the game: *ScummAGA.exe which does not need ixemul.library and has sound enabled This version works with dott but STRANGELY, doesn't work anymore with Monkey1 (and maybe some other games) *ScummAGA_NoSound.exe which requires ixemul.library, has sound disabled (SDL_Audio crashes with ixemul): this version should work with all games... I didn't wanted to release such crappy software but as I don't think I will be able to fix the gcc-problem soon and as a lot of people asked me for sound, talkdelay, I decided to release it. What's new in version 0.38: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .Changed Delay routines: the game is *A LOT* faster ! (Try the FASTMODE at least one time: press RightShift+f !!!) .Sound support (AHI required) .F1 will now grab the scummaga screen (requires iff.library) .Adjustable Talk Delay (use '+' and '-' on keypad) .Screenmode is now saved to disk .Put back color cycles (SLOW under AGA...) .Changed keys: 'ESC' will now skip cutscenes and 'F10' will exit Requirements: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ .AmigaOS 3.1 and AGA or RTG .AHI (required for sound support) .IFF.library (required for grabbing screens) .A patch for WriteChunkyPixels() if used under AGA: BlazeWCP is the fastest on my 030 .Some PC/VGA Lucas Arts datas Usage: ~~~~~ .ScummAGA.exe [game name] ex: ScummAGA.exe monkey will start MonkeyIsland 1 Possible game names are: "monkey" to play "Monkey Island 1", "monkey2" to play "Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's revenge", "atlantis" to play "Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis", "playfate" to play Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis (Demo)", "tentacle" to play "Day Of The Tenctacle", "dottdemo" to play "Day Of The Tenctacle (Demo)", "samnmax" to play "Sam & Max", "snmdemo" to play "Sam & Max (Demo)". Other commandline args: -d: disable sound (AHI won't be opened) -b: start in room -f: ignored in scummaga In-Game keys: .To Skip intro sequences, press ESC or both mouse buttons .To QuickSave a game, type RightShift + 1-9 (not on keypad) .To QuickLoad a game, type LeftShift + 1-9 .Pressing F1 will save a screengrab of the game to "PROGDIR:ScummAGAx.iff" .Press F10 to exit game at any time .RSHIFT+f will turn the game into FAST mode and RSHIFT+g into "slow" (!) mode ;) Please note: You only have to select a screenmode the first time you run ScummAGA: the screenmodeid is saved in 'ScummAGA.ModeID' and then read from it the next time you launch the game... =>If you want to have the requester again, just delete the above file Small History: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v0.35: .Fixed random crashes at startup .Now Frees Memory and Closes screen when a Scumm Error occurs .Sources cleaned a bit .Recompiled for 68020 .Removed color cycles until it will be fast enough To Do: ~~~~~~ .Fix the small gfx line bug .Optimize color cycles Thanks to: ~~~~~~~~~ .Thanks to Ludvig Strigeus for having written and put under GPL ScummVM Nogfx -
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