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Complete guides to installing Amithlon, patching and configuring AHI, P96, USB, Networking and compiling the Amithlon kernel based off Milan's Kernel4 tree. Hyperlinks embedded link to stated patches/utilities. I've also included a list of supported hardware that has been tested as well as how to patch/modify the Amiga Kickstart ROM used in Amithlon. These guides were written by me as Google Docs and have become as complete as I believe they can be, so I have exported them as .pdf files to make them easier to share. I am a huge fan of Amithlon and after following a few guides I wrote my own. I hope these help others get the most out of their Amithlon system. Amithlon Install Guide 2016.pdf This is part 1 of installing Amithlon Installing Amithlon Pt 2.pdf This is part 2 of installing Amithlon Amithlon Supported Hardware.pdf List of hardware referenced as working and/or tested by myself and others. How to Modify The Amiga ROM in Amithlon.pdf This covers how to modify the kickstart used in Amithlon. Amithlon Kernel.pdf This is a very basic guide to installing an older version of Centos in Virtualbox and downloading and compiling Milan's Kernel 4 for Amithlon. I'm using a self-compiled kernel with all modules I need compiled in, allowing me to not need an loaded modules (pciinsmod).
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