short : Assembler with BBC Micro style syntax author : (Rich Talbot-Watkins), port by uploader uploader : polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal) type : dev/cross version : 1.08 architecture : ppc-morphos; other url : Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 907.80K Date : 30-Nov-17 Download : 💾
beebasm 1.08 Possible options: -i Specify source filename -o Specify output filename (when not specified by SAVE command) -di Specify a disc image file to be added to -do Specify a disc image file to output -boot Specify a filename to be run by !BOOT on a new disc image -opt Specify the *OPT 4,n for the generated disc image -v Verbose output -d Dump all global symbols after assembly --help See this help again
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