short : A **VT220 terminal emulator uploader : ramsch forwiss uni-passau de (Martin Ramsch) type : comm/term architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 56.60K Date : 4-Feb-93 Download : 💾
Meshugena V1.0 -- A **VT220 terminal emulator Copyright 1988 By Michael S. Leibow OVERVIEW (tiny changes by M.Ramsch) This is not a general communications package. If you need some of the features of other general packages such as o one zillion emulations o one zillion file transfer methods o weird character sets (i.e. EBCDIC) then this program is not for you. This program is dedicated to those of you have already bought an Amiga, a modem, and need to communicate with some sort of computer that supports the 8 bit ANSI protocol. This program offers: o VT220 emulation (80 and 132 columns) Not a fake emulation... This emulation covers everything I could find in the VT220 owners manual except the printer stuff. + 7 and 8 bit character sets + Multinational Character Sets (c0, c1, GL, and GR) + Special Graphics set + emulates full LK201 keyboard (VT52, VT100, VT220) + VT52, VT100, and VT220 compatibility + terminal modes : (KAM, IRM, SRM, LNM, DECCKM, DECANM, DECCOLM, DECSCLM, DECSCNM, DECAWM, DECARM) + All character renditions : (off, bold, underscore, blinking, reverse, erasable, not_erasable) + All Line Renditions : (normal, double width, double height). + ANSI tab stuff. + Probably more which I forgot... o Multiple sessions with "uw" protocol + each session has its own set-up configuration + independent menus + separate windows each with scroll bars and other gadgetry o Transcript buffer + 0 to some_big_number lines of output history o Works well in workbench environment + can start from icon. + all errors shown in requesters o window iconification to save chip ram o easy to use user interface
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