short : CGTerm 1.7b2/OS4 - an SDL Telnet BBS C/G terminal author : Per Olofsson, Alex Carmona (port) uploader : AmigaOne TheWorld net (Alex Carmona) type : comm/term version : 1.7b2 architecture : ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.74M Date : 31-May-05 Download : 💾
Short: CGTerm 1.7b2/OS4 - an SDL-based Telnet BBS C/G terminal Type: comm/term Author: Alex Carmona ( Uploader: (Alex Carmona) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CGTerm is an open source, platform independent terminal program for C/G telnet BBS:s. It's supposed to compile and run on any POSIX compliant OS with the SDL library installed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an updated OS4 port of CGTerm 1.7 BETA 2 This release includes both clib2 and newlib versions of the programs. Because newlib v3+ isn't yet available to the public I had to recompile it with clib2. Once newlib 3+ becomes available you can rename the *.newlib3 files, e.g. rename CGTerm.newlib3 to CGTerm. History: - Added clib2 version - Modified the keyboard reference to allow the program to keep running the first time it's used even if the config hasn't be saved yet. - Added fresh bookmarks to the default config. - Changed the directory handling to allow selecting dirs with the enter key, not just the space key. - Switched ".." to "/" for Amiga-friendly directory handling. - Replaced any reference to '/shared/cgterm/' to PROGDIR:data/ in the sources. That means all kbd, wav, bmp and cfg files are in data/ now. - Adjusted the link and compile options in the Makefile. - Cleaned up the Makefile, removed all warnings. Easy to compile now. - Cleaned up the source code, all Amiga-specifc changes are enclosed between /* AC */ and /* ac */ markers and use #ifdef statements. This keeps it portable and hopefully the changes will be merged with the main source tree. - Improved the install section. "Make install" now creates a unique time-stamped drawer each time, using the format CGTerm-MMDD.HHMM which is handy to avoid overwriting files when building versions for clib2 and newlib. The latest official source code can be found at Greetings to spotUP Thanks to Steffen (-ISDL it is, 'sh sdl-config --libs' returned -lSDL) Big thanks to Nicomen for spending over an hour helping me get the clib2 version working. I couldn't have done it without him, and you'd have to wait for the newlib 3 public release. -- Amiga: The computer that doesn't take no for an answer.
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