short : Xprzmodem and xprzedzap, locale aware, WB2.1+ author : (Robert Williamson) uploader : robert_williamson p0 f104 n167 z1 fidonet org (Robert Williamson) type : comm/term architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 162.19K Date : 7-Aug-95 Download : 💾
xprzmodem.library v3.51 for term programs and bbs's & xprzedzap.library v3.51 for mailers xprz351.lha contains AmigaGuide documentation as well as 68000/10/20/30/40 versions of both xprzmodem.library and xprzedzap.library. These libraries all require WB2.1 or better and support language catalogues via locale.library. A French catalogue is available separately. This release merges the source levels of the two libraries so that both can take advantage of all fixes and enhancements. XPRzedzap.library is an enhanced version of xprzmodem.library for use in Mailers as well as BBSs and Terminal programs supporting XPR protocols. It provides multiple zmodem-derived protocols, including: Zmodem, ZedZip, ZedZap and DirectZap. It is a complete replacement for xprzmodem.library, xprszmodem.library, xprdzap.library and all previous versions of xprzedzap.library. XPRzmodem.library is also enhanced to provide the same protocols as xprzedzap.library, as well as support for SZmodem. It is about 1K smaller since it does not include some of the special features required in FTN operations. This version should be used on systems that do not have a mailer or where the mailer does not support XPR protocols. Installation problems: locale.library MUST be installed, as well as the directories that library expects. It has been noted that some Term programs and BBS's have a hardcoded setup for xprzmodem.library. In some cases the space reserved for setup strings is too small for the additional options in these libraries and the host may crash. If these programs have an external xpr setup option, use that instead. This method has been reported as solving the problem with Ncomm. Some term programs and BBS's are not coded to the spec, but rather take short-cuts which may cause that program to hang when used with these libraries. This problem has been reported with Excelsior BBS. In particular: Setting YY causes XPR2.001 return codes to be set. These codes make use of all 32 bits in the bitmap; if the host program only looks at the low-order 16 bits or expects hardcoded values, it will fail. Never use this option in a host that does not support it. The only known hosts that do support this option are DreamTerm and wpl.library. Fixes and Enhancements: o REQUIRES wb2.1+ o Locale support. o Defaults optimized for each library to permit MUCH shorter setup strings. o XPR 2.001 support for dual-status windows. Protocol now informs host that it supports XPR 2.001 extensions and double-buffering. Setup toggles this support and is by default disabled for xprzmodem.library and enabled for xprzedzap.library. o XPR 3 callbacks register protection is installed o XPR 3 xpr_updstatus function is enabled, permitting notification of transfer status for EACH file sent or received. o Protocol name displayed will be one of: Zmodem, 1K blocks standard SZmodem, up to 8K blocks ZedZap, up to 8K Blocks size based upon bps rate, ftn mode ZedZip, 1k blocks, ftn mode DirectZap, up to 8k blocks, minimum escaping, ftn mode o Added status messages for resume o A number of strings were not localized, corrected. Also added localization for new options. These are NOT translated for german catalog, so that catalog has been removed from distribution. Catalogues and documentation for other languages should be distributed separately. A French catalog is available. o During batch transfers, Error message field is set to "None" when starting to send or receive next file. o Improper variable names were used for some of the new options, causing unexpected results when used with Term. o catalogue source is now also included in user distribution as well as source distribution. MAGIC NAME: XPRZ3 Robert Williamson FidoNet#1:167/104.0 AmigaNet#40:600/104.0
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