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about this archive: ------------------- This archive contains the newest/latest versions of the following xem.libraries: short description: ------------------ xemascii.library a pure and simple ascii/tty emulator.. /********************/ xemamiga.library the amigas console.device embedded in an xem.lib.. it's 100% compatible because it uses the original.. /********************/ xembbs.library a simple MS_ansi.sys compatible emulator.. /********************/ xemvt340.library a DEC compatible terminal supporting: - VT52, VT100, VT220, VT300 series. - technical, graphics, iso, dec, us-ascii fonts/registers. - display buffers full text AND text-styles. (in the next release, it also supports page commands) - selective erasing in line/display. - very stable. (as far as I could test it..) In the next release: - full page support. - tex 4010/4014 support. - less gurus. (if YOU send me bug-reports) DEC Amiga --- ----- Arrow keys Arrow keys PF1 Numpad [ on Amiga 500/2000 PF2 Numpad ] on Amiga 500/2000 PF3 Numpad / on Amiga 500/2000 PF4 Numpad * on Amiga 500/2000 F1 (Hold Screen) F1 F2 (Print Screen) F2 CTRL F2 (Auto Print) CTRL F2 ALT F2 (Print Controlled) ALT F2 F3 (Set Up) F3 F4 (Data/Talk) F4 F5 (Send Break) F5 CTRL F5 (Send Answer) CTRL F5 SHIFT F5 (Disconnect) SHIFT F5 F6 - F20 F6 - F20 on all Amigas HELP Help on all Amigas DO Shifted-Help on all Amigas FIND Shifted-Numpad 7 on all Amigas INSERT Shifted-Numpad 8 on all Amigas REMOVE Shifted-Numpad 9 on all Amigas SELECT Shifted-Numpad 4 on all Amigas PREV SCREEN Shifted-Numpad 5 on all Amigas NEXT SCREEN Shifted-Numpad 6 on all Amigas /********************/ It also contains the includes you need to add xem-support in your own terminal proggy.. Docs/Readmes: ------------- This time, there no docs for the emulators, sorry. As soon as I can I write them in german. I hope there is someone that can translate it to english. Send bugreports/captures to: Z-NET: U.KAUFMANN@LINK-CH1.ZER usenet: BB Ueli
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