short : The best HydraCom for Amiga w. MUI! author : uploader : vision suicide teuto de architecture : m68k-amigaos cd : OK Filetype : application/x-lha Size : 59.19K Date : 8-Jun-95 Download : 💾
YEAH ! Here is it! The best Hydracom for the Amiga. Why using this one instead of the others ? - Direct Link to Term 4.x where available - Uses MUI : X-fer Window instead of the Text-Only original - Some optimizations done : faster & shorter - Opens the serial-device in SHARED-Mode : Every good Terminal should run with it! What you need: - Any Escom/C= Amiga :)) - MUI 2.0 or higher - A Modem with fullduplex (read 'hydracom.doc' for "halfduplex") - Kickstart 37.175 and Workbench 38.xx or higher What you get: - Transfers in both directions with maximum speed ( I got 3550 CPS with my USR V.34 in BOTH Up- and Downloading) - You can chat while Up- and Downloading! - You can add Files to the Upload-Queue WHILE (!) Uploading U wanna use it?? Just as simple: TERM 4.0: VERY SIMPLE! Just start Hydracom when U want to Transfer! Hydracom opens its windows on the Term-Screen and takes control over the serial-device! The Files in the Upload-List will be moved to Hydracom when starting Hydra. Look into the Term-Dok! There's a very good example of using Hydra in Term. Terminus: I added a little Script by D-SIYA/THE VIKINGS '94 to this archive. Just make a Macro on any Hotkey you like and insert this: !&HYDRA.SCP Now when you want to Transfer just press the Hotkey! NCOMM: There's a script for NComm in the 'Scripts' Directory. Just define a Macro with: {script}Work:dfue/NCOMM/Scripts/Hydra.script Press the Hotkey, when you want to transfer. My favourite Terminal (DreamTerm) still can't open the serial-device in SHARED-Mode...shit! If anyone found a solution, please tell me! Or tell the author to fix it (I'm lazy). I've not tested this version with other Terminals, but if you find a way to use it with others (XCOMM, JPTC...) please contact me. Little Description of the new Options : upload - You can define a path to be used in the File-Requester pubscreen - The Hydracom-Windows will be opened on nologwin - The LogWindow will not be opened (who needs it?) noxwin - The Xfer Window will not be opened size x/y/w/h - Defines the coordinates to be used by the windows (except the Xfer-Window, but it's MUI!) x - X-position on the Screen y - Y-position on the Screen w - The width of the Windows h - The height of the Windows So if you find any Bugs please (try to) contact me.... Have phun! MaXiM E-MAIL:
PERMSSN UID GID SIZE RATIO STAMP NAME ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- [generic] 215 47.9% May 18 1995 file_id.diz [generic] 2820 48.4% May 31 1995 HYDRA-MUI.doc [generic] 56264 53.2% May 18 1995 hydracom [generic] 214 73.4% Apr 28 1995 hydracom.cfg [generic] 66533 35.1% Jun 4 1994 hydracom.doc [generic] 3691 46.3% May 18 1995 m-hydracom.changes [generic] 127 88.2% Sep 11 1994 NComm/Scripts/hydra.script [generic] 970 50.0% Aug 12 1994 ReadMe.mui [generic] 1523 39.6% Sep 6 1994 [generic] 2785 52.0% Aug 16 1994 Terminus/HYDRA.IN.TERMINUS.TXT [generic] 217 86.6% Aug 18 1994 Terminus/Scripts/HYDRA.SCP [generic] 1383 48.0% Aug 16 1994 Terminus/terminus1.def ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- Total 12 files 136742 44.0% Jun 8 1995
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