short : MultiMedia Terminal Program FULLY FIXED! author : (David Meagor) uploader : meagor thenet co uk (David Meagor) type : comm/term version : 1.01 beta FIXED ARCHIVE replaces : MEAGORComm.LHA architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 338.45K Date : 9-Dec-96 Download : 💾
SORRY!!! -------- The first two archives released were missing files and would not work. This one is complete, I hope:) Changes: o Fully NTSC friendly o Fixed Installer script o Fixed Archive. Requirments: None, works on any Amiga...probably! Features: o *NEW* MultiMedia command language. o Very easy to use, help text in every window for every button. o File and Ratio database. o Fully configurable Button Bar. o Automatic uploading of NEW USER DETAILS. o Upload list editor. o ANSI Music. o Macro keys o Phonebook, Modular Preferences, ARexx, and the all the rest. MEAGORComm is a brand new Comms/Terminal program designed to improve on the old boring and hard to use ANSI displays of most BBS whilst being backwardly compatable. The program supports a compleatly NEW MULTMEDIA command set giving complete control over Graphics/Pictures, Buttons, Mouse, Sound and Music, Palette, Joystick and much more allowing ANYTHING to be created from menus to multi-user online games! Support site:
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