short : Arexx-Script for using Hydracom with Term author : (Daniel Hollaender) uploader : TOB blanker ruhr de (Tom Beuke) type : comm/term architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.88K Date : 10-Oct-94 Download : 💾
HYDRA.REXX VERSION 0.9 This is a very simple AREXX-Script for using HYDRACOM from TERM. When started, it checks if enough lines are avaibel. After it, an file-requester is opened, where you can select the files to upload. Simply press Cancel or Continue, if you want to download with out uploading. To cancel this script, just do the same. Term`s BinaryDownloadPath will be used. Commandlineoptions: HYDRA.REXX , where portname stands for the Arexx- Port of your Term-Version. Default is TERM Requirements: Term 4.1a or higher, HYDRACOM somewhere in your path, a running REXX-Server Known Problems: There are some major problems with pathnames. This is not a problem of this script, but of Hydracom. Pathnames with spaced aren`t accepted. This can be solved by using the ASSIGN-COMMAND. The Term-UploadList can`t be used! Will have to ask OLSEN for information 8-(
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