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(almost) everything you need to know to get your DLG Pro BBS onto the 'net with email and News brought right into your BBS. This work is the result of several months of intimate work with DLG and Matt Dillon's UUCP software for the Amiga. We've done just about everything we can to make the task of getting internet mail into your system with as little muss and fuss as possible. Herein you will find sample configuration files that should suffice for most situations, along with some possible alternatives that might apply to you. Herein you will find detailed explanations of how DLG and UUCP are working together to bring your mail and news to you. Herein you will find turnkey batch files that will make the job of importing UUCP mail into your system fairly simple, with as little chance for error as possible. Herein you will even find some rather unusual examples of how to feed FidoNet systems with newsgroups and email, and how to transport FidoNet mail over email accounts. You won't find the answer to everything in here, but you'll find a lot if you're a DLG sysop and even remotely interested in getting on the internet.
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