short : ConDir 1.8-Bug fixes and new features author : uploader : ind00626 pegasus cc ucf edu type : comm/bbs/dlg architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 41.34K Date : 28-Nov-94 Download : 💾
ConDir is a utility for DLG BBS that lets users view directories (like CD ROM drives) in a graphical manner much like DirOpus. It also lets users mark files for later download. Changes made for ConDir version 1.8 from 1.6 -------------------------------------------- NOTE: 1.8 differs very little from 1.7. I updated the version number because I actually gave 1.7 to a couple people. Then, I made some small changes. I wasn't going to release anything until I got some massive work done, but since it seems that I've fixed some MAJOR stuff, I'll go ahead and release 1.8 to everyone. * I *finally* got a 3000. Therefore, I really got down to the basic and searched for Enforcer hits. Guess what. I found some of them that I'm sure would have, could have, and did cause a lot of you a lot of problems. I've cleaned up two major problems (one actually resulting in *two* Enforcer hits). I couldn't find any more of them, but if you do, please tell me where they are at. I've tried all the functions including the archive list found in the registered versions. The only time I get Enforcer hits is when I am using ParNet and the hits are ones caused by it. * Made the key work as either a down directory ( D ) or mark file ( G ) command depending on where the cursor is. Now, all you really need to use this program is the cursor keys and the key. I also made the escape key an alias for the U key. In other words, escape goes up one directory level. One person had requested this change be made. * Updated the documentation a bit. Notice that the user help file has been changed to reflect the key command changes. Also note that you can pick up the latest version of ConDir (as long as you have Mosaic) from This page will tell you the latest revision available and let you actually receive it. I've heard people complaining about the key commands of late. I will be working on this issue further.
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