short : DLG utility to limit user online time at specific times of the day architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.95K Date : 20-Apr-93 Download : 💾
DESCRIPTION PrimeTime is a utility I cooked up to limit a user's time online during certain busy hours of the day. It is fully configurable so all users above a specified user level will be exempt from the limitation. Also a text file containing underscored usernames will be checked before imposing the limitation. HISTORY v1.05 - Minor change so that a baud rate of zero disables the baud rate exemption. Also PrimeTime theoretically could have been calling CronEvent with a negative time (didn't seem to make a difference with my tests, but none-the-less it does not do it anymore). PrimeTime now updates the screen's title bar when imposing a limit. v1.04 - Complete rewrite of the code to make it more modular and add the user baud rate feature (Thanks Basil for relaying the request). Restructuring of the config files so PrimeTime now looks for keywords. Each port can be configured separately. v1.03 - Modifications to user times are done by calling the DLG library routines instead of system calls. v1.02 - Added 7 day configurability for PrimeTime hours. Thanks again Mark. v1.01 - Added feature to limit users on certain specified ports. Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. v1.0 - First public release.
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