short : Multi-format mail packer for DLG - Bugfix release author : Jay Ruyle uploader : Jeff Grimmett (Jeff_Grimmett elric maximumaccess com) type : comm/dlg architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 59.01K Date : 21-Oct-97 Download : ūüíĺ
MultiPack is a multi-format message packer for DLG Professional. It is used by users to pack up unread mail and have it placed in an archive in their private file directory. It can be used in conjunction with various off-line readers to allow the user to read messages without actually being connected to the BBS. MultiPack currently supports three formats: o ASCII -- providing much the same functionality as DLG's MailPack. o QWK -- providing packing/unpacking of QWK bundles. o BlueWave -- providing packing/unpacking of BlueWave bundles. Since MultiPack supports different formats through the use of shared libraries, adding new formats consists only of dropping the .library files in your LIBS: directory. As of version 1.4 all further devopements of MultiPack will be done by me, Jay Ruyle. Please refer to the AmigaGuide document on how to contact me. ****************************** Note: This version of MultiPack will work with DLG Pro versions 1 through 1.16. It will **not** work with DLG2000 V 1.2.3 or later. ******************************
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