short : Multifunction filescan util for DLG Pro V1.0. author : (Erno Tuomainen) uploader : moonlite sonata fipnet fi (Erno Tuomainen) type : comm/dlg requires : Amiga, atleast OS2.x, DLG Pro architecture : m68k-amigaos date : 24/08/1994 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 54.21K Date : 25-Aug-94 Download : 💾
MagicScan is fast new file lister for Dialog Pro BB/OS-systems. It also has a keyword search and a X days old file scan routines... Program is FREE, cardware. :-) Changes since last public version: VERSION: (V1.10 24.08.1994) - Nice day, but cold... ( ADD) Updated Duplicate Checker mode a bit or two. Now it's possible to CHECK ALL uploads by ONE call to MagicScan! YES! No need to scan each file one by one like old DupChecker or previous MagicScan did. ( ADD) Archive Check mode. Currently works only with Duplicate Check mode. Can be enabled with -x parameter. ( ADD) -c switch, don't check private uploads ( ADD) -lX option, X=max user level to check. ( ADD) -jX option, specify the stack size while running ARCHIVERS in ArcTest mode. (default 40000) ( ADD) Descriptions will also be written/displayed in DupChecker mode ( ADD) -h switch. Hide all files if user has no pointers information for the area.
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