short : Random Lottery Number Generator in Arexx author : Lee Dyson uploader : Gillette severedbbs u-net com type : comm/dlg version : 1 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.85K Date : 19-Oct-98 Download : 💾
This Arexx script is netmailware :) If you use this script please netmail me on the address at the bottom saying what BBS software you use it with, what alterations you have made to it etc. There are two lines in the arexx script that you should change: BBSNAME = 'Severed Dreams BBS' /*YOUR BBS Name*/ BBSSYSOP = 'Lee Dyson' /*YOUR name*/ Installation, Make a directory called Lottery in your DOORS: directory. put LeeLot.rexx in there, Set it up in DLG itself. I use the following: 1 Letter: J 2 Executable: rx doors:lottery/LeeLot.rexx %NAME 4 Description: Random Lottery Numbers 5 Type: Executable 6 Help file: UTIN/J 7 Lower level: 1 8 Upper level: 255 9 Hidden: NO 10 Load type: OVERLAY 11 Ask user if sure: NO 12 Pend messages: YES 13 Cli mode: NO 14 Pause on completion: YES 15 Log value: None 16 Activity string: 17 Priority: Default This is the very first program that I have written in Arexx. To be honest this morning was the first time that I have even looked at Arexx. All it does is generate 6 random numbers and outputs them for the user. But I have also added into the Arexx script a means for the numbers picked to be logged into the logs: directory. So you get something like On 24 May 1997 at 16:20:37 User LEE DYSON picked numbers 24 29 20 34 33 28 in your Logs:Lottery.log file. This Arexx script has only been tested with DLG BBS software, although it may work with others. I can be contacted via fido as Lee Dyson @ 2:2500/632.0 or email via Thank you.
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