short : Automatic upgrading for DLG Pro (version 1.15) author : uploader : dvlaam cs umu se type : comm/dlg Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 45.60K Date : 13-Nov-94 Download : 💾
NAME Fixlevel -- Upgrades userlevels in a DLG BB/OS Architecture: m68k-amigaos SYNOPSIS Fixlevel [-v] [-c cfgfile] [-t] FUNCTION Checks user for new uploads or msg written that may give him/her an higer userlevel. If it's time to upgrade, it fixes that too. If the user doesn't fit into any of the userlevels defined in the configuration file the program posts an warning. INPUTS -n - nowindow while running. -v - verbose display some info about every user. -c cfgfile - other name four configfile defaults to DLGConfig:Misc/fixlevel.cfg -t - test cofiguration file only RESULT error - zero for success, an other value indicates an error EXAMPLE fixlevel -c dlgconfig:misc/fixlevel.cfg NOTES This program is SHAREWARE! That is NOT the same as public doamin! To use this program you have to pay MONEY. The price for this program is not much onlt 50 Skr or US $10. You may only redistribute this program if the archive has all files from the orignal archive in it. the file shall be: fixlevel - Executabe, SHAREWERE version. fixlevel.cfg - An example configuration file. fixlevel.batch - A script runing the program and writing mail to Sysops. fixlevel.doc - This file. fixlevel.doc_sw - Documentation in Swedish. Registration - Small file with more info about how to register. The program is Copyrighted by Anders Arnholm and Hans Hedlund, you may not change anything in the program. This program is distributed as is. That means that there are no warranty for damage made by the program. If you find a bug in it please send it to us and you get to download the registerd verson from our BBS system for free. (If you are the first that will say.) This is what written on standard out while the program is running at the same time as a small window is opened showing the name and level of the user now examined. 17 Izadora:usr/home/fixlevel [30]> fixlevel ROOT --> Sysop Upgrade HANS_TESTARE! Lvl:10 Msg:6 Files:0 ANDERS_ARNHOLM --> Sysop NEW_USER --> need to be *** VALIDATED *** ROBERT_ARNHOLM --> Sysop HANS_HEDLUND --> Sysop Thanxs for using fixlevel 17 Izadora:usr/home/fixlevel [31]> BUGS None, that we know of! FEATURES CONFIGURATION The configuration file. The order in the file is NOT important. keywords: SYSOP - after this the name of the sysop to be informed that a user got upgraded. The program can have 4 sysops with 255 chars long names, at the moment. Anyone who likes MORE please tell me and I'll add it in the next version. example: "Sysop Anders Arnholm" LEVEL - after this comes an definition of an level in the BBS, after the key word comes the number of the level, the same as in the BBS, 255 for sysop. After that the name of the level, i have the same as the name of the template for upgrading to that level. Then you have the daylimit, the max time for a user to be logged in the same day, and sessionlimit, the maximal amount to be used in one session. The maximum amount of net credits on a special level, the dirlimit for an user at that level, the file ration. This is in the form 10:1, 33:1, or NONE just like you see it in useroptions, or useredit. Then last is the NetAccess flag, NONE, WRITE or SYSOP. example: "Level 4, Guest, 1000, 10, 0, 200, 1:1, NONE" "Level 40, Curate, 420, 60, 500, 3078, 60:1, WRITE" "Level 255, Lord, 1440, 1440, 32000, 30000, None, SYSOP" UPGRADE - When to upgrade an user. First the "from" level, then the "to" level. After that the number of letters the user have to write, this is taken from DLG keeps count of both private and public mail here, and after that the number of files that a user have to send to get upgraded. example: "upgrade 10, 20, 5, 5" NOTIFY - At the level just after the keyword, the program will display the message after the comma. example: "notify 5, need to be *** VALIDATED ***" TODO Fixlevel need to get it's own logfile :-) SEE ALSO DragonLance Cronologies by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
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