short : DLGftp v1.1 - Permits to access to CDs simulating a FTP session author : (Piergiorgio Ghezzo) uploader : pghezzo dsi unive it (Piergiorgio Ghezzo) type : comm/dlg version : 1.1 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lha Size : 59.84K Date : 3-Apr-96 Download : 💾
DLGftp is a module for Dialog that permits to access to devices (CD or Hard Disk) simulating a FTP session. The files will be copied into the user's directory ready to be get from. The program uses fully the dlg.library so it's compact and fast; but it can't be launched from the CLI like a normal program. This is a short list of functions offered by the program: o Possibility to specify a minimum level of access to the program. You can do this from Dialog too, but in this way is more nice (no password is get from the user in the moment of login). o Visualisation before and after login of two text files precedently written by Sysop o Very simply command interface but efficient with every useful commands to work on volumes. Help in line avaible for every commands. o Management of a detailed help by the view of an external file. o Possibility to visualize (by not given but easy to be found external programs) ipertexts in AmigaGuide format and contents of archives. o Management of environments (compatible with the programs ConDir Blitz-CD) to assure an exclusive access to the CD-ROM, mainly useful in case of multy-line BBS with multiple CD-ROM reader. o Possibility to specify for every volume a level of access, a minimum level for transferring files in the private area and a base directory where the user can accede. o Possibility to specify for every volume the view of a file during the access and the name of a file to search inside every new directory where the user enters. o Verification of the effective CD's presence at the moment of the access request, to consent the periodical rotation by the CDs in line. o Possibility to manage a series of accounts that can rise the user's access level at the moment of login, to assure the access to certain volumes that generally cannot be used, or only at higher levels. o Notification on file of every actions done by user. o Files tranferred by the user in his private directory can have the flag FREE tagged on. o Optional control of the user's directory dimension before to transfer a file. ...and a lot of other things that you'll discover trying it! HISTORY: v1.0 - First version V1.1 - Recompiled with SAS/C v5.56 and Dialog 1.1 includes DLGftp now disables system requesters
PERMSSN UID GID SIZE RATIO STAMP NAME ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- [generic] 1233 48.1% Apr 2 1996 [generic] 36856 49.3% Apr 2 1996 DLGftp/DlgFtp [generic] 36828 49.3% Apr 2 1996 DLGftp/DlgFtp.030 [generic] 2768 30.2% Nov 23 1995 DLGftp/DlgFtp.CFG [generic] 2624 46.4% Apr 2 1996 DLGftp/DlgFtp.readme [generic] 24174 31.5% Apr 2 1996 DLGftp/Docs [generic] 1611 47.2% Nov 23 1995 DLGftp/ [generic] 26646 31.9% Apr 2 1996 DLGftp/Docs_ITA [generic] 1611 47.2% Nov 23 1995 DLGftp/ [generic] 5380 33.8% Nov 24 1995 DLGftp/text/DLGftp.Help.ENG [generic] 6037 33.5% Nov 24 1995 DLGftp/text/DLGftp.Help.ITA [generic] 161 78.3% May 14 1995 DLGftp/text/DLGftp.TXT [generic] 223 75.8% May 15 1995 DLGftp/text/DLGftp2.TXT ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- Total 13 files 146152 41.6% Apr 3 1996
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