short : A BBS package, now open source (3/5) author : Jeff Grimmett uploader : Rutger Bevaart type : comm/dlg architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 418.94K Date : 15-Oct-10 Download : 💾
October 2010 This package is released to Aminet with the permission of the author Jeff Grimmett in binary and source with the following limitations. Please do not violate there limitations as the author has made binding legal agreements on the use of DLG in the past. Most important thing to remember: "Permission is expressly denied for commercial development on Linux or any form of Unix." From the author: "I have released DLG as freeware, and the source code is available for private or public use on the Amiga platform as long as it is not a commercial product. Permission is expressly denied for commercial development on Linux or any form of Unix. I have agreements in place in that area that I intend to honor no matter how futile it seems to do so. I personally am developing something DLG-ish for Windows, but if you want to take the source code and develop a more faithful version for Windows, have at it. What I'm working on is better than that, so I really don't mind. The source ZIP file contains the entirety of DLG source code development minus a few redundant or irrelevant files, as of V2.2, last fully compiled in, I believe, July 1999. Pretty much all you need to do is set up some environment variables (see the makefiles for what you need to set up) and it should grind right through it. Requirements: SAS/C V6.50 or better, a text editor, and GNU Make (gmake). Some files, such as the autodoc Guide files require external utilities like CAD, which is probably replaced by something 150% better by now. For manual builds, the order should be this: 1) compile the link libraries, 2) Compile everything else. For dlg.library, there are two versions - an 030 version, and a generic version. Note the makefiles for details on this." SHA-256 hashes of the files: 329aa541c31eef9b6ea276c759a8df78458631291e33166b1f00da71840371ce DLG_Disk1.lha c1ff0f1484108dd078fc50e5c1cc8e22de55170bf86bd02ac0710f9175b15483 DLG_Disk2.lha ef5334980747ef11ce0d9c18cfa9bfd864583a6ff81b837bc99fc35455d3953d DLG_Disk3.lha ae78f01a95e1d1396381fecdbf7ed94cf0e2880eecae98ac857e055306d1d1e3 DLG_Disk4.lha 4b6a9d461a67bc779974dcc1df6509a814546ff38428cc3b7c7d52d1b10c36da DLG_Disk5.lha afaba4f319697e2f0408753d0f28040dc5790d808b80abf7da5cdaa4d06e2c61 DLG_Source.lha
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