short : Strip down Aminet .readme in DLG *.fd files author : (Bernardo Innocenti) uploader : bernie shock nervous com (Bernardo Innocenti) type : comm/dlg version : 1.0 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 4.32K Date : 22-Nov-95 Download : 💾
INTRODUCTION DLGStripFD comes handy when you run a BBS with DLG Pro with an Aminet mirror od CD on-line. If you are annoyed of 10Meg file lists, you'll probably like this little tool. All it does, is cutting down all .fd files to a reasonable lenght. DLGStripFD uses four different criteria: - Removes the "Short:" keyword (but not the description). - Removes the rest of the header (uploader, type...) - Searches for the "Archive contents" part and removes it. - Limits the description to 15 lines. USAGE DLGStripFD FROM Where FROM is an optional filename or AmigaDOS pattern. For exaple, "FILE:(5|6)??/*.fd" will process all files in file areas 500 to 699. If not specified, the FROM argument defaults to "#?.fd" in the current directory. NOTES C source code included. This software is distributed under the concept of "Freeware": can be distributed as long as the documentation, source and executable are kept together and no money is asked for it. All rights reserved. Please send comments, bug reports, feature requests, etc. to
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