short : A great Mailer for DLG BBS Sysops author : uploader : dbucher alphanet ch type : comm/dlg version : DBDLGMailer v1.3 replaces : none architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 11.02K Date : 10-Oct-96 Download : 💾
DB DLG Mailer documentation -- © 1996 Denis Bucher -- version 0.99 What is DBDLGMailer ? => A program that uses the DLG BB/OS database to print stickers, lists, enveloppes, etc, with name / address / coutry, etc of your users... How much configurable is it ? => 100% : You can exactely choose the format of the output ! You choose a list of variables (like "name" or "street"), put a string before, a string after, nothing or an EOL ... Just choose :-)) Easy to use ? => 80% GUI. Not too difficult to understant, but a manual will soon complete this lach :-) What is the first step ? => Run DBDLGMailer... It first reads your users (30s for 250 users on a normal Amiga) and then displays three choices. If it complaints about something before that, just write me an email ... What is "Edit users" ? => If you don't want some users, like yourself, being printed, add them to the twitlist ... I am sorry that you cannot remove them without quitting, but it will be done. The number "3. edit users" isn't implemented yet. But when you enter a name the programe do for you A FULL REAL-TIME research, for example typing "de" will display the first user which name starts with "de" Typing RETURN instead of a number goes back to the main menu. How does "Configuration" works ? => You must provide a list of the items you want to print/save by clicking on the number of the item... You will have to answer some questions with requesters. IMPORTANT : Change the requester, and then (very strange, sorry) click BELOW THAT REQUESTER TO receive the next question ... And you cannot anymore change the requester, which is "dead" ... I am sorry of that, but I will change it. At the end, choose "End" if it is the last field, "Return" if it is an end of a line, and "Noline" if you want the next field on the same line ... How do I print each user on a different PAGE ??? => The printers are ejecting the current page when receiving the ASCII VALUE 12 ( chr$(12) ) also known as (CTRL-L or ^L), so just add that ascii value with "ASC" and 12 in the last item :-)) How do I PRINT the results directly ? => When the program (in the first choice of main menu) asks for filename, just answer "prt:" (without quotes ;-) How to join the author : email : BBS : +41-22-8000-622 mail : Denis Bucher Rue de Carouge 28 CH-1205 Geneve Homepage :
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