short : DLG/TpTCron util to run commands under TpTCron environment. author : uploader : leon mtu edu type : comm/dlg architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 7.67K Date : 21-Sep-94 Download : 💾
CronShell is a DLG/TpTCron utility that allows you to run a program as though it had been run in the TpTCron environment, without losing the current directory and without running asynchronously (i.e. it waits for the program to finish running under TpTCron before returning control). Version 1.1 now uses a write-lock instead of just a read-lock. The change was required because a read-lock only waits 20 seconds before returning, whereas a writelock waits as long as it takes. It is a TOTAL hack! Though it should be a "well-behaved" hack. WHY write such a silly program? SIMPLE, to get around a bug in PDQ/DLGMail. The environment that PDQ/DLGMail uses to execute commands is severely broken. Which means that depending on what version of the OS you are running, a lot of commands fail to run properly when invoked under PDQ/DLGMail. In specific, the newer versions of UnZIP, which are required for mail packets archived with PkZIP2.04g will not work with PDQ/DLGMail (at least not on my system). To make matters worse, PDQ/DLGMail doesn't even know that the command failed, so it happily removes your incoming mail for you even though it wasn't successfully processed. OUCH! The fix is to change your ZIPEXTRACT configuration to something like: ZIPEXTRACT Fido:CronShell PDQMail_ZIP C:UnZIP %s *.PKT ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ / \ just my attempt actual command to run. at using a descriptive lockname. The above line allows me to process incoming .ZIP packets unless something goes wrong. PLEASE SEE THE CronShell.doc file for various warnings! Enjoy! \Leon ______________________________________________________________________ | o__ ---- \\ABCD///Amiga BitSwap Central Dispatch - DLG BB/OS! | _.>/ _------- \\BBS// 28K8bps USR V.FC/34 Fido/UUCP(906)482-8248 |(_) \(_)Leon Shaner\\\// or |________[MTU - CTS] \\/ ...Non-Conformity is a virtue I hold dear...
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